Introducing SuperChanger®. The name says it all.

R.W. Fernstrum & Company has partnered with Tranter  to bring you The Superchanger® plate and frame heat exchanger.  Sometimes referred to as a gasketed plate heat exchanger or GPHE, the Superchanger provides outstanding efficiency in transferring heat from one liquid to another, often water to water, or from steam to liquid. This modular exchanger combines frames, plates and connections to form a variety of configurations. Utilized in many industries, the Superchanger is the perfect solution for your marine cooling needs.

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Design Features

Tranter SuperChanger Product Info

Induced Turbulence

Promotes maximum heat transfer; induces scouring action that fights fouling or scaling.

Reduced Footprint

Fits into 20–50% of a shell and tube footprint including service and maintenance space. And, it costs less.

Highly Versatile

Hundreds of plate styles, patterns, and draw depths to precisely match your application requirements.

Temperature Approaches

Of less than 1°C (2°F), with “U” or “K “ values 3 to 6 times higher than shell and tube exchangers

Easy Accessibility

Opens within its own footprint simply by loosening the tie-rod bolts and rolling the movable frame back to the support column.

Maximum Fluid Compatibility

Range of alloys, including titanium, plus a variety of gasket elastomer compounds, to precisely match your fluid characteristics for maximum uptime.



By using different types of plates, with different characteristics, the Superchanger can be adapted to marine specifications for optimum performance. The unique design also allows them to be easily disassembled for inspection, maintenance, or even expansion by adding plates. The Superchanger’s plate and frame heat exchanger design pressed corrugated metal plates are assembled in a pack and bolted in a frame. Between each pair of plates, there is a rubber gasket, which prevents the water from being mixed and from leaking out of the plate pack to the surroundings. The plates hang from a top carrying bar and are designed to have maximum contact to enhance cooling performance.


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