Reliable, effective, and innovative marine cooling solutions

Every Fernstrum® marine cooling product is custom engineered. Why? Because our 65 years of experience in marine cooling tells us that optimum performance is reached only when the system meets the specific requirements of the engine, vessel, and operating conditions.

Fernstrum® has continually evolved GRIDCOOLER® Keel Coolers to meet performance expectations worldwide. That commitment to improvement is also reflected in the WEKA Boxcooler, the latest in marine cooling technology. Plus, Tranter® Heat Exchangers demonstrate why Tranter® is known as the specialist in heat transfer.

Our dedication doesn’t stop with superior marine cooling products. Our sales and engineering team provides the expert advice that makes a performance difference: cooler sizing, placement, installation, and service.

GRIDCOOLER Keel Coolers > The original rectangular tube keel cooler
WEKA Boxcoolers > The latest in marine cooling technology
Tranter Heat Exchangers > The proven performance of advanced plate heat exchangers