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Cooling technology for marine propulsion engines, generator sets, reduction gears, and auxiliary systems onboard vessels of all sizes.

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Fernstrum GRIDCOOLER Keel Cooler: The World's #1 Keel Cooler

Still best in class, our keel coolers out-perform the competition. Made with higher silver content, these coolers are built to take a beating in the world’s waterways. We have your solution for new or retrofit installations.

  • One-piece head design provides the durability you want and the flexibility you need
  • Fatigue resistant high-silver content joints absorb the vibration and stress of daily operation
  • Critical brazed joints are ultrasonically inspected to ensure proper penetration
  • Built on over 70 years' experience, and four generations of Fernstrums are proud to put their name on our keel coolers

WEKA Boxcoolers: All Performance. Zero Drag.

Produced in the USA and the Netherlands, our Weka Boxcoolers deliver performance at every task. Our technicians can custom spec a WEKA Boxcooler to meet your engine’s performance but exceed your expectations. Our cost-effective design and long life cycle makes this a smart choice.

  • 20 years Global experience
  • Longer life-cycle
  • No costly, copper anodes
  • Tougher, thicker tubes

Fernstrum brings you the Omega Laser Plate.

Laser plates are heat exchanger plates that can be used in many ways for the marine heating or cooling of your product. These laser-welded plates also have endless applications in different industries. Omega Laser Plates are cost-effective due to low welding costs and thinner materials.

  • More cost-effective
  • Reduced deposition
  • Uses less pump capacity
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